Jubiläum ist am 16.Mai 2020

11. Februar

20.00 - 21.00 Uhr


Cooler than Cool, Brockenhearted24 Reasons, Senorita La La La, Soul Shake, Off The Beaten Track Makita, Lonely Lovers  I've Been Walting For yor, Down On Your Uppers







Jubiläum ist am 15.Mai 2020

12. Februar

 Morgengruppe: 8.45 - 9.45 Uhr

Summer Fly,

Keep it Simpel, Like A Fine Wine, Brockenhearted,Lonely Lovers. I've Been Waiting For You, Cherry Bomb, I Close My Eyes,  Down On Your Uppers, Lonely Girl, Simple As Can Be, 


2. Gruppe: 18.30 - 19.30 Uhr

Home To You,

Cooler than Cool, Shot of Tequila, Like A Fine Wine, Senorita LaLaLaSoul Shake, Nothing But You, Rumba!, I' ve Been Waiting For You, Graffiti, I Close My Eyes, 



3. Gruppe: 19.45 - 21.00 Uhr

Hey Now,

Gone West, Cooler than Cool, Playboys , 24 Reasons, Senorita La La La, Like A Fine Wine, Venotek Cha,I've Been Waiting For you, Rumba, Brokenhearted, Music To My Eyes,