23. Oktober

20.00 -21.00 Uhr

Love Trick

Groovy Love,True Believer, A Littel Bit Lit, Havanna Cha,Golden Wedding Ring, Things,First Walz, Staring At The Moon, Lonely Drum, 1976, Howling At The Moon,Blue Night Cha, Story, Save Me Tonight, Lord Help Me, American Kids,Bomp,Gypsy Queen, Sweet Home, Bring on the good times, I Am My,Happy Happy Happy,Tag On,Mama Loo, Rockin, Black Coffee








24. Oktober


Morgengruppe: 8.45 - 9.45 Uhr

A Little Bit Lit,

Bedroom Boogie, Staring The Moon, Golden Wedding Ring, Things,True Believer, Lonely Drum, 1976, Story, Blue Night Cha, American Kids, Bomp, Missing, Gypsy Queen, Tell The World, Happy Happy Happy, 

2. Gruppe: 18.30 - 19.30 Uhr 

Like a Rose,

QFootloose, Doubel Down Tow Step,True Believer, Alligetor Rock, A Little Bit Lit, Hearts On Fire, Golden Wedding Rng, Califonia Dream, Staring At The Moon, Lonely Drum, Forever Love, Blue Monday, Maybe Tomorrow, Last Chance Dance, Howling At The Moon, Love Her For A White, Blue Night Cha, Blessed, Missing,


3. Gruppe: 19.45 - 21.15 Uhr


Footloose, True Believer, Groovy Love, Cettic Duo, Havanna Cha, I Got This Too, Doubel Down Tow Step, People Are Good, Lonely Drum, Blue Monday, Amame, Maybe Tomorrow, La La Li, Take Me To The River, Story, Blessed, Twist & Turn, Holly`s Church, Missing, Gypsy Queen, Sofia,